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Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera

By Delores Custer

Behind every mouthwatering image of food is a dedicated food stylist whose job it is to consider, plan and perfect every detail from the curve of an apple stem to the fan of a shrimp tail. In Food Styling, master stylist Delores Custer presents the definitive reference in the field--complete with detailed information on essential tools and useful equipment, step-by step guidance on achieving the perfect shot, and a wealth of tried and true techniques for everything from voluminous frostings to mile high sandwiches.  

Based on her thirty years of experience styling for advertising, magazines, books,  television and film, Custer shares her expert guidance on how to achieve stunning visual  perfection for all media.



Section 1: The Basics
• A General Overview of Food Styling
• The Medium Is the Message
• The Cast of Characters

Section 2: The Job from Phone Call to Invoice
• Getting the Job
• Prepping the Job
• The Shoot
• About Photography
• About Propping
• About Production Work

Section 3: The Nuts and Bolts
• Tools of the Trade
• Working With the Food: Some Foods Just Misbehave

Section 4: Pulling It All Together
• The Business of Food Styling
• Useful Additional Skills
• Tips for Food Professionals Who Want to Food Style Their Work

Section 5: Trends, Food and Food Presentations
• Reviewing the Last 60 Years

Appendix: Glossary
• Resources

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“While most people prepare food to eat, the food stylist prepared food to feed the eyes and the imagination. Just as we primp to look our best for the camera, food to be photographed needs to look its best, too, and making it look its best is the job of a food stylist.

A food shot is a team effort that takes pre-planning, clear communication, thoughtful shopping for food and props, proficiency at food preparation, and a sense of artful presentation.”

-Delores Custer