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Meet Delores Custer food stylist in NYC for over 30 years working with foods for cookbooks, magazines, advertisements, commercials, and movies and behind the scene for celebrities on TV.

She is an international culinary instructor working in Korea, Chile, Norway and speaking to over 500 foodies in the Philippines and an audience of 900 in Japan.

The Splended Table
Food Stylist Delores Custer joins Lynne to talk about what it takes to make food look good for the camera.

Interview Topics


how she worked with sports figures Reggie Jackson, Steve Garvey, and Too Tall Jones and some of the Dallas Cowboys  
how she spread margarine for a commercial in a chateau in Prague, a tropical rain forest in Mexico (with out a refrigerator) and on the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight   
who ate the $200,000.00 chocolate chip cookies at about $10,000 a bite
her most unusual requests "please remove all the hairs on the raspberry" and "can we make the walnut explode on cue?"   
how she worked with Paul Newman" in hell  
how to make 20 plates of food all with bow ties made of food for a James Beard Awards poster  
how wonderful it was to work with Julia Child on the Rosie O Donnell Show   
how food stylists make foods mouthwatering with real food  
how to make room temperature beverages look chilled and with perfect lemon twist garnishes -- and did you know that most of the pits in a lemon are not in the stem end of the lemon?  
how to make ice cream that doesn't melt and where to find beautiful ice cubes and milk splashes for your breakfast cereal  
how to make a sandwich that is two feet tall or 8 feet long  
how important props are for the food stylist and home cook and how to choose your plates and glasses for home use   
how to make the perfect hamburger   

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